Old 97 Cafe - 1503 Kenmore Blvd., Akron , Ohio
The Old 97 Café 
Sample Menu:
 Grilled entrees ( offerings change everyday)    10.97
 Meat and cheese plate                                           8.97
 Homemade bruschetta                                          6.97
 Signature Pizza ( topping change everyday)             8.97
Signature Cocktails:
 "BOSCOTINI"-Old 97's version of the classic, creamy, Chocolatini named for Bosco
                                the infamous Chocolate Lab.
  "OLD 97 SANGRIA"- Our own special concoction of red or white wine,
                                       Barenjager honey liquor, Meade, spices & fresh fruit
"THE OLD 97" -Hearty and bold, Scotch , Drambuie and American Honey.

1503 Kenmore Blvd
Akron, OH 44314
330-745-5493  (pub)
330-983-9521 (fax)
Hours: Be sure to check Events Page for more detailed info!
Some Wednesdays ( check events page for details)
Thursday, Friday, Saturday  4:30 P.M.-1:00 AM
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